During the talk we gathered as a coder, an artist and a musician in September 2020, “Why don’t we make games?” we said, and we started working.

This was a good excitement for us. So much so that we set ourselves goals. We had to do our research as fast as possible and complete this game within one month. The funny thing is, we didn’t even have a game idea when we were talking about it. However, we were lucky! One night, we brought together a platformer-style game and a system that would strain the memory. We liked the idea too much and it was time to decorate it.

It was decided that the story best suited to this mechanic would be a story of theft. But it is not a simple theft … We were going to run for the world’s unique artworks. So Masterpiece Thief! The team worked for hours. Our codec was trying to transfer the system we had in mind to the game in some way. Our artist tried to bring his ideas to life with pixel drawings. And the music and translation works followed this excitement.

As a result, we pushed the limits to make our goals come true. And finally, after five weeks of effort, we released our game! This is how the Cause a Luck Team was born!